Lunarfield EMF Detector

Keep safe from unknown levels of harmful EMF radiation with the Lunarfield™ EMF Detector

Lunarfield™ EMF Detector is an easy-to-use handheld electromagnetic field meter for testing, measuring & detecting electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

Lunarfield™ EMF Detector is the #1 choice amongst industry professionals thanks to its sensitivity, accuracy and user-friendly design. Unlike other EMF detectors, Lunarfield™ can detect both electric field and magnetic field radiation simultaneously. Lunarfield™ is an ideal choice for measuring high-frequency radiation generated by gadgets and appliances in and around your home or office.

Lunarfield™ EMF Detector features a high-quality LCD display for clear reading, a sound-light alarm to alert users to potentially harmful EMF levels, and an auto shut-off feature to ensure energy conservation and avoid unnecessary EMF emittance. Lunarfield™ EMF Detector also features a data locking system which can be used to lock the radiation value.

Don’t risk your own or your family’s safety. Test, measure, and reduce your exposure to unknown and potentially harmful EMF radiation with Lunarfield™

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